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Great news for Christian authors!  Now you can publish your book for as little as $399.  

For $399, you'll get:
  • E-book Formatting and Layout
  • E-book Interior
  • E-book Cover Design
  • Print Book Formatting and Layout
  • Print Book Cover Design
  • Book available in e-book and print format on and
Before placing your order, please review the guidelines and restrictions for this offer.

Limited Time Only.
Certain Restrictions Apply
Anointed Fire™ is re-branding the face of Christian publishing!  Our goal is serve your book care needs in excellence.

With the $399 offer, you can become a published author with a professional cover design and setup.  Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with quality designs at a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere!

View the offer details below to decide if this offer is right for you.

1. Author will receive the following services in the $399 offer:
E-book Formatting and Layout
E-book Interior
E-book Cover Design
Print Book Formatting and Layout
Print Book Cover Design
Book available in e-book and print format on and

2. This package is Designer Directed™.  Designer Directed™ means that the author will not have any say into how the book is designed or formatted.  Author will simply submit the book, sign the contract, and pay the fee and we will take it from there.  (Don't worry; we are passionate about what we do.)

3. The total price of the offer is $399, but the author will be required to have an ISBN or purchase an Anointed Fire™ issued ISBN number to be eligible for this offer.  Anointed Fire™ ISBN numbers are only $50 each.

4. 100% payment is required upfront.

5. This offer does not include book editing, or any other service not mentioned above.  Please see our Package Extras for more service offers.

6. Author will retain 100% rights to their book, and author will keep 100% of their royalties.  

7. Anointed Fire™ Christian Publishing and Anointed Fire™ retains the right to display all designs in our portfolio.  No exceptions.


There are many advantages to this package, and we've listed a few below.

1. You become a published author for just $399!  That's more than a third less than you'd pay elsewhere!

2. You work with designers who are dedicated to excellence.  We are truly passionate about what we do, therefore, our work has to come out looking awesome before we release it to you.

3. Your books will be published in as little as seven days!  Why wait months to have it done?

4. Because you're saving money, you can invest more money into the outcome and promotion of your book!

5. Your book will be listed on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.  If you'd like it to be listed in other major booksellers such as Books A Million and Bookwire, you can simply order Expanded Distribution for $35!

6. You will get a unique, beautifully designed book cover to match your book's content.

7. Your book will be formatted for you.  All you have to do is write it, and we'll take it from there!  (Please note that each book must be double spaced between paragraphs, and chapters must be separated by page.)

8. After your order, we will send you a document listing our top 10 promotional tools to help you to sell your books.

9. Your book will be listed for sell as an e-book and a print book.  We are like your own personal assistants.  We do the work for you!

10. With Expanded Distribution, your book is listed all over the live Internet for sale on many book distribution websites. 

11. Your royalties are paid directly to you, and you keep 100% of your royalties!

12. People buy the books that are in our portfolio when we promote our services.  If the name of your book draws attention, you will get sells just from us promoting our portfolio.

13. You can list yourself, or Anointed Fire as your publisher.  (Please note that you must have an ISBN number, or you must purchase one from Anointed Fire™.  If you purchase one from us, we will be listed as your publisher.)
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